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About Us

about digital engagement labs

As digital engagement innovators we are passionate about empowering
organization, staff and the communities they serve and care about.

We help housing providers improvecommunication andengagement with their tenants & vendors.
Our mission is to become the leading tenant satisfaction and communication tool for the mobile-first rental generation.
D-Lab is the ultimate mobile and web solution for tenant engagement, satisfaction and participation . We empower housing providers to give better customer service and an overall experience to their tenants by bridging the communication gap.

We envision a sector with mobile-first experiences that changes the way housing providers interact with their tenants and maintenance teams.
Centralized communication, streamlined maintenance requests, accessible digital record of activity, participation and stronger relationships & loyalty.

why digital engagement?

Engaged tenants build better communities

Digital Engagement Labs was established because no matter how well designed the off-line consultation processes, inevitably it only reaches only a
small segment of a community or stakeholder group.

The online space provides the opportunity to give vastly more people access to information and enable them to have their say. At the heart of this is
our D-Lab software. An online toolbox that puts everything professionals need to drive inclusive, sustainable and measurable public participation
projects. The tools were designed so that the platform can be tailored to the users needs – you choose what tools you need and create your project
using them. This exceptional range of digital tools empowers collaborative learning, discussion and debate.

why digital engagement?

digital engagement Lab’s mission is to improve the quality of community engagement, participation and level of community involvement in public life.

Through technology and strategic industry insight our aim is to continuously innovate and add value to the public participation industry. Our expertise
in the online space aims to empower organizations and the communities they care about by providing them affordable and accessible opportunities to
learn about and contribute to the decisions that affect their daily lives.

We’re uniquely focused on engagement

Through deeper engagement with tenants , a smart technology platform and a curated services experience, we breathe life into buildings and help create places your tenants never want to leave.

Our platform provides the only fully-integrated solution (technology, people and services), allowing us to deliver premium bespoke, building specific or neighbourhood wide, online, offline and onsite tenant experiences.

Innovation is in our blood ….

A key part of our mission is to help our clients meet the needs of the modern tenant. We do this in three ways:

A large portion of our innovation roadmap is reserved for community requested features;

We host an annual engagement share group about how to succeed in digital; and

We’re true innovation partners, continuously integrating the newesttechnologies into our offering and providing no-cost upgrades to our partners.

We’ve grown in size, creativ-ity, and heart…

In 2018, we joined forces with Deeplake Digital to provide the most comprehensive, innovative digital engagement solution on the market. Together, our industry leading digital capabilities span the entire tenancy life path, allowing housing providers to compete in today’s increasingly changing industry. To learn more about Deeplake click here

We hire the best and brightest

D-Lab is made up of a team of bright individuals dedicated to building as robust, performant and successful a platform as possible. We value teamwork, trust and collaboration with each other and with our housing partners. It’s why we are able to lead meaningful, disruptive change in the technology housing sector and create never-been-done-before engagement solutions.